Donald Trump Was ‘Directly Involved’ In Trying To Find NPS Staffer Who Posted A Tweet Comparing His Inauguration Crowd Size To Obama’s!

Trump tried to track down National Park Service retweeter.

Ladies and gentlemen, the world’s most fragile ego has all the nuclear codes!

As if we weren’t already horrified by that thought, now there’s further evidence of exactly how unhinged our president is.

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According to a report from CBS News, Donald Trump was personally involved with trying to find the staffer who retweeted a photo comparison of Drumpf’s and President Obama‘s inauguration crowd sizes.

You might remember that the tweet appeared on the National Park Service’s account and was immediately taken down. Afterwards, the twitter accounts of the National Park Service and other Interior Department agencies were also shut down temporarily.

Because we’re dealing with a child here!

Emails were exchanged (and released in response to the Freedom of Information Act), with Tim Cash, Chief of Digital Strategy at the National Park Service, writing to Shaun Cavanaugh, the agency’s Chief Information Security Officer:

“Obviously, this has become a very sensitive issue, especially since the President has gotten directly involved and contacted Acting Director Mike Reynolds concerned about one of the images that was retweeted.”

“Directly involved”!!! What a small man! Instead of just brushing it off, he actually went out of his way to find the person responsible. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so disturbing.

Furthermore, there was actually a hunt to track down the person via IP address. The Freedom of Information Act revealed a memo that stated:

“We traced the IP address used for the two questionable posts to an ISP in the San Bruno, Calif., area and checked all possible NPS social media points of contacts in that area. [We] suspected that this incident was an accidental cross-posting from a personal Twitter account (this has happened on multiple occasions in the past with other NPS social media accounts).”

No word on whether they actually found the person. But if they did, he’s probably in a gulag right now!

But wow. So much time and energy spent on something so incredibly trivial and inconsequential.

We just can’t.

May 3, 2017 4:27pm PDT

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