Ivanka Trump Broke Down In Tears When Donald Trump Initially Refused To Apologize For His P*ssy Grabbing Remarks

donald trump made ivanka cry pussygate

Like most women in America, Ivanka Trump had a teary-eyed reaction to Donald Trump‘s p*ssy grabbing comment.

Or at least that’s what the “failing” New York Times is reporting. According to the celebrated news outlet, the businesswoman pleaded with her father to genuinely apologize after his unsavory remarks came to light thanks to the leaking of the (now infamous) Access Hollywood tape.

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However, it’s said the Trumpster first tried to deny the scandal when an aide rushed into the 70-year-old’s Trump Tower office and alerted him about the leak. Apparently, after watching the tape with Ivanka and his team, the then GOP nominee was reluctant to apologize for the misogynistic comment.

According to the NYT:

“Mr. Trump’s reaction was grudging: He agreed to say he was sorry if anyone was offended.”

For all you Trump supporters out there, the newspaper claims they learned this insider tidbit from SEVERAL sources who were present at the time of the crisis.

Reportedly, the businessman’s advisers told the politician that his planned apology wouldn’t be enough to squash this PR disaster. Even his daughter “made an emphatic case for a full-throated apology.” The publication continued:

“As she spoke, Mr. Trump remained unyielding. His daughter’s eyes welled with tears, her face reddened, and she hurried out in frustration.”

Same, girl. Same.

Obviously, the Celebrity Apprentice star didn’t heed his team’s advice as he was later criticized for downplaying his comments. Essentially, the A-lister played off his words encouraging sexual assault as “locker room banter.” Ugh.

Although, after the backlash continued to grow like a wildfire, Melania Trump‘s husband released a videotaped apology where he finally admitted some fault. Nonetheless, this NYT report is particularly troubling as it simply proves Trump does whatever he frickin’ wants.

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As you surely know, Ivanka claims to be a moderating influence in the West Wing — despite being seemingly complicit to her unpopular poppa’s agenda. Not to mention, the 35-year-old has been accused of profiting off her dad’s presidency as her new book, titled Women Who Work, dropped this month.

Despite adopting feminist themes for her tome, the mother-of-three recently told the newspaper that she “rarely if ever rejected him, rebelled or distanced herself from him.” She also added:

“I’m his daughter. I’ve known him my entire life. He trusts me. I don’t have a hidden agenda. I’m not looking to hit him to help myself.”

Sounds pretty complicit to us.

In short: Ladies, don’t expect Miz Trump to be a REAL advocate for gender inequality issues — she’s Team Trump through and through. Smh.

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May 3, 2017 10:52am PDT

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