Teen Girl Scout Fearlessly Takes On Neo-Nazi At May Day Protest — LOOK!

girl scout takes on neo nazi

Now this is what we like to see.

A photo of a girl scout having a peaceful dialogue with a far right protestor has been making the rounds on the Internet — and now that we’ve learned the context surrounding the image, we understand why! The picture was taken by photographer Vladim├â┬¡r ├ä┼Æi├ä┬ìmanec, who was taking pictures of a May Day protest in the city of Brno in the Czech Republic.

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We’re sure ├ä┼Æi├ä┬ìmanec expected to capture some inneresting candids, but nothing as powerful as a young woman facing off against a neo-Nazi. The young woman in the photo (above) has since been identified as 16-year-old Lucie “Lala” Mysl├â┬¡kov├â┬í.

According to the Czech news outlet Romea, Lala was among a group of counter-protestors who danced, sang, and walked alongside the controversial activists in order to distract from the far right group’s offensive messaging. Many people have since applauded the teen’s calm approach at dealing with the ultra-right supporter.

As one Twitter user perfectly put it:

Accurate. And Miz Myslíková made sure to thank her supporters for all of the love, as she wrote on Facebook:

“Thank you all for your support! I believe that dialogue is, like other non-violent expression, the best way to combat evil.”

Lala later revealed why she participated in the counter-march as she shared with Czech Radio:

“…it makes sense. It makes sense to be seen and heard and stand up against what we do not like.”

You tell ’em, girl! We have a feeling this young lady is going to accomplish big things in the near future.


[Image via Vladimír Čičmanec/Facebook.]

May 3, 2017 4:59pm PDT

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