Radio Correspondent Says Fox News Fired Her Less Than 24 Hours After She Reached Out To A Discrimination Investigator

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Apparently Fox News‘ women problem isn’t limited to TV anchors!

Middle East-based Fox News Radio correspondent Jessica Golloher (above) is suing for gender discrimination and retaliation, saying they fired her only after she spoke to a lawyer about how her mistreatment.

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She says less than 24 hours after she reached out to Michele Hirshman, the lawyer hired by Fox News’ parent company 21st Century Fox to investigate claims of harassment by the network’s female employees, she received notice that her contract would not be renewed due to budgetary constraints.

Her attorney, Douglas Wigdor, writes in his official complaint:

“While Fox may claim that the decision to terminate Ms. Golloher was made before she sent the email on April 17, 2017, any such defense would be preposterous given that Ms. Golloher had previously complained about discriminatory treatment and she was provided no notice or warning whatsoever regarding any potential termination.”

The previous complaints about discrimination mostly had to do with male colleagues being consistently given opportunities ahead of her.

She was already covering Russia when the Sochi Olympics were announced — but instead of letting her cover, she was demoted to Russian translator for London-based Simon Owens.

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Wigdor explains:

“Aware of Fox’s blatant marginalization of her skills and its decision to promote a man as the voice of Fox during the Olympics, Ms. Golloher complained throughout the Sochi events about her discriminatory treatment and the fact that she was downgraded to ‘secretarial’ status for Mr. Owen’s purposes.”

Golloher also says just this year she pitched a story based in Afghanistan but was told she couldn’t cover because it was “exceedingly unsafe.” Then they sent a male reporter to do it.

And then when she complained, they fired her. Typical.

Fox denied Golloher’s claims, telling THR:

“Jessica Golloher’s claims are without merit. Her allegations of discrimination and retaliation are baseless. We will vigorously defend the matter.”

At this point, Fox News just doesn’t have the credibility to deny wrongdoing when it comes to sexism.

[Image via Fox News/Jessica Golloher/Twitter.]

May 4, 2017 6:13pm PDT

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