Politician Chokes On His Dinner, Busts Open Face BC He Was Laughing So Hard At HBO’s Veep!

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Politics are a dangerous game, but apparently not as dangerous as political satire.

That’s what Australian politician Graham Perrett learned after almost laughing himself to death while watching Veep.

The acclaimed HBO comedy had the Labor MP in (literal) stitches after he laughed so hard, he choked on his sushi and knocked himself unconscious — giving himself a black eye and a nasty gash on his cheek!

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The parliamentarian from Queensland told BuzzFeed News the incident went down last Sunday night while he was watching the Season Six premiere of the Emmy and Golden Globe-winning political comedy.

Perrett was chowing down on sushi during a scene where congressman — or, as Selina Meyer calls him, “Jolly Green Jizz Face” — Jonah Ryan gets caught by frenemy Dan Egan shaving his head to trick people into thinking he still has cancer.

Perrett said the following scene full of shaving puns was so hilarious, it led him to a full on choking fit. He explained:

“I was laughing so hard when Jonah then gets interviewed by Dan. And then he delivers the first shaving pun, like, ‘you recently had a close shave with cancer.’ Some of the rice went down the wrong way, I started choking and I kind of stumbled forward and knocked my head on the corner of the kitchen cabinet.”


Perrett’s wife stumbled in to find a bloody crime scene, but the politician was still laughing when he came to. He added:

“My wife walked in to find me knocked unconscious on the ground, with blood everywhere. I must have been out for only a few seconds because when I came to again, I was still laughing at Jonah.”

Now that’s some powerful comedy!

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Timothy Simons, who plays Jonah, offered a solution to prevent any future near-death Veep experiences, writing on Twitter:

As for President Meyer, AKA Julia Louis-Dreyfus, she couldn’t believe the story that seems straight out of a Veep episode in itself:

We think the graphic pictures speak for themselves, JLD!

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Click HERE to see more pics of Perrett’s nasty injury.

[Image via BuzzFeed/HBO.]

May 4, 2017 5:44pm PDT

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