Girls Who Code Founder SLAMS ‘Complicit’ Ivanka Trump For Using Her Story In New Book Women Who Work!

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Chicks before pricks, Ivanka Trump.

The First Daughter is still trying to brand herself as a champion of women while silently standing by her father’s controversial policies.

Which is exactly why one of the women cited in the 35-year-old’s new book, Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success, doesn’t want to be a part of Ivanka’s hypocritical narrative!

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Reshma Saujani, the founder of Girls Who Code, was praised in the book as a woman who “personally witnessed the gender gap in computing classes and set out to do something about it.”

Saujani created a non-profit organization devoted to closing the gender gap in the tech industry and teaching women how to code — and now, she’s schooling Ivanka on what it means to be “complicit”!

After the book was released on Tuesday, Saujani tweeted to Ivanka that she doesn’t want to be included in the book as long as the businesswoman stands by Donald Trump‘s administration. She shared:


This isn’t the first time the word “complicit” has been used to describe the self-proclaimed feminist — Saturday Night Live aired a commercial parody where Scarlett Johansson played the first daughter promoting her signature scent, Complicit.

Ivanka — a White House adviser and unpaid federal employee with a West Wing office — said she doesn’t “know what it means to be” complicit, and attempted to redefine the word as “being a force for good” in an interview with CBS This Morning.

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POTUS’s eldest daughter insists she was thrown into a “very unique and unprecedented situation,” hinting that she’s doing her best in supporting her father while still standing by her own morals.

According to Vank’s reps, Women Who Work features quotes from a collection of “thought leaders” who have helped inspire her viewpoints over the years. Earlier this year, she said she planned on taking a coding class with her daughter Arabella this summer.

Maybe she should also take a vocab course so she can finally understand why people are calling her complicit.

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May 4, 2017 12:30pm PST

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