Twitter Goes IN On Mike Huckabee’s Dumbass Cinco De Mayo Tweet!

Mike Huckabee is a dick!

Barfing all over this!

Mike Huckabee is an infected boil on the face of America, so it’s no surprise he would be totally offensive and inappropriate on Cinco de Mayo.

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The former Governor of Arkansas and “bass guitarist” sent out a stupid ass tweet Friday to “celebrate” the holiday, and it’s a doozy.

Maybe he’ll choke on all that salsa! We can dream!

Obviously Twitter really let him have it. It was beautiful.

Ha! Finish him!!!

We all know Mike’s a disgrace, but he sure goes out of his way to prove it.

Maybe we should be thanking him for the constant reminders! And may that salsa burn off all your taste buds, asshole!

[Image via Twitter.]

May 5, 2017 11:41am PDT

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