Sean Hannity Mocks Chrissy Teigen’s Trump-Induced Anxiety & Teases That He Has Embarrassing Dirt On The Model!

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A lot of people use Twitter to vent their frustrations.

Unless you’re like Sean Hannity — in which case, you save the bitching and moaning for your cable news show.

The Fox News host went off on avid tweeter and “snowflake” Chrissy Teigen for a recent social media rant about how Donald Trump was giving her so much anxiety, she was having medical problems.

Photo: Chrissy Takes It Too Far With John At The Met Gala!

On Thursday night’s Hannity, the journalist mocked the model for blaming her high anxiety on the Trump administration, and even told Lou Dobbs he had some dirt on John Legend‘s wife.

But Hannity stopped himself just when things were about to get juicy, because he’s such a gentlemen apparently (at least compared to his slimy Fox News cohorts).

Hinting at a very embarrassing “story” about Teigen when they met at a Super Bowl event, the political pundit teased:

“I have a story. I’m going to be very nice tonight. I met John Legend and her at a Super Bowl event. But there’s a story that I’m going to keep to myself because I’m being very nice. I’m being very nice!”

Well, that’s just bad reporting. Don’t just allude to an incriminating story without sharing the details — we get that enough from POTUS!

While we may never know what went down at that Super Bowl party, Teigen shared more than enough about the medical symptoms of her Trump-induced anxiety, including grinding her teeth so bad she had to get a tooth shaved off!

She shared on Wednesday:

Seeing as this was shared before the disastrous GOP health care reform bill was passed on Thursday, we hope the mother-of-one fixes this problem while she still can!

Though, Hannity didn’t seem too worried for the affluent social media sensation. Check the clip (below) to see what he said!

[Image via Fox News/Instagram.]

May 5, 2017 10:27am PDT

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