Conrad Hilton Arrested Again — This Time, For Stealing Rick Salomon’s Bentley And Trying To Break Into Ex-Girlfriend’s Home

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Have yourself one hell of a Friday night, Conrad Hilton.

The little bro of Paris Hilton — who has very often found himself in trouble through the years — is once again facing BIG problems after a night out allegedly committing grand theft auto and tried to break into his ex-girlfriend’s house.

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Things all apparently started when he went to the home of actress E.G. Daily‘s ex-husband Rick Salomon and stole his Bentley.

Yes, that’s the same Rick Salomon who was in Paris Hilton’s infamous sex tape — and Conrad had dated his daughter for a while, too, so there’s a bunch of history here.

Anyways, after allegedly stealing the Bentley, Hilton went over to Daily’s house, where he was eventually arrested for apparently trying to break in!!

He was also cuffed for violating a restraining order that E.G.’s daughter has against him — which is apparently why he went to the home in the first place, to try to get in contact with the daughter, Hunter Daily Salomon, who broke up with Conrad a few years ago and promptly got a restraining order against him.


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This all went down at about 4:00 a.m. up in the Hollywood Hills, although now Hilton is thankfully in custody. His bail is set at $60,000, according to TMZ.


[Image via Conrad Hilton/Instagram.]

May 6, 2017 3:11pm PDT

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