Creator Of Pepe The Frog Has Killed Off The Character After It Was Hijacked By The Alt-Right

pepe the frog is dead

Pepe the Frog is no more!

The artist behind the viral cartoon character has officially killed off the Internet frog after online trolls hijacked the design for pro alt-right messaging. Oh snap!

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As you may recall, Matt Furie first drew Pepe the Frog as part of series called Boy’s Club. So it only seems right that Pepe the Frog’s funeral featured other members from the Boy’s Club family.

In a single-page comic drawn by Furie for Fantagraphics‘ Free Comic Book Day, Pepe is seen (below) laying in a coffin surrounded by his pals:

That’s that then. Clearly, this artistic move comes from the artist’s frustrations with his work becoming the symbol for a hate group.

Matt previously denounced the use of Pepe by white supremacists. And despite the attempt at a “Save Pepe the Frog” campaign, fans of the artwork were unable reclaim the image and shed its association with white supremacy.

Nonetheless, people are still saddened to see the cartoon go as many fans have since commented on Pepe’s death on Twitter (below):

What do YOU think?? Is it a good thing that Pepe is dead??

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May 8, 2017 4:04pm PST

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