High School Refuses To Acknowledge Dead Student At Graduation — Here’s Why

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Lost but not forgotten…

Last September, 17-year-old Rachel Rosoff died when she was electrocuted as a lifeguard at the Heritage Point Pool in North Carolina. The teenager just started her senior year at William G. Enloe Magnet High School.

This June, Rosoff would’ve graduated, but sadly, her alma mater refuses to hold a memorial for her at the ceremony.

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In an email sent to Rachel’s mom Michelle Rosoff from principal Will Chavis, the school will not acknowledge her daughter at graduation in order to maintain the event’s “happy, vibrant feel.”

As seen on Facebook:

Michelle is rightfully angry at the school for refusing to recognize Rachel and her accomplishments. She told BuzzFeed News:

“It’s ridiculous… [The school] doesn’t want the graduation to be focused on a sad event. But we don’t want to focus on the way she died, but to focus on her life.”

Recently, Rachel’s sister Jordana Rosoff started a petition which has racked up more than 6000 signatures. (You can view HERE.)

According to Lisa Luten, a spokeswoman for Wake County Schools, the decision was made “based on guidelines recommended by National Association of School Psychologists.”

Although Rachel’s mom created a $500 scholarship in her daughter’s name (see HERE), this has not swayed the school’s decision.

“They can take my money now that I’m funding them for a scholarship and they can have her name on the website but they don’t want to acknowledge her at graduation.”

Luten says that, “Rachel will be remembered and recognized during Enloe High School’s Senior Awards event,” where the scholarship will be awarded. Additionally, students and faculty installed a bench on campus dedicated to her memory.

Such a sad situation…

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May 8, 2017 9:12pm PDT

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