Conrad Hilton’s Lawyer Will Ask Judge To Release The Hotel Heir From Custody — ONLY If He Agrees To Get Medically Diagnosed!

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Conrad Hilton‘s attorney has a very peculiar plea in mind to get the hotel heir out of jail… and on the right path.

That deal involves releasing the troubled 23-year-old from custody ONLY if he agrees to enter a hospital for a mental diagnosis.

As we reported, Conrad was arrested early Saturday after allegedly stealing Rick Salomon‘s Bentley and driving it over to his ex-girlfriend Hunter Daily Salomon‘s house, which he reportedly tried to break into.

To top it all off, he hurled a racist and homophobic rant against LAPD officers when he was arrested at 4 a.m. — and even his lawyer says he needs mental help.

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Robert Shapiro, Hilton’s attorney, calls his client’s behavior “bizarre and unusual” and sees this arrest as an opportunity for Paris Hilton‘s younger brother to seek help.

Shapiro told TMZ he will appear in court on Tuesday with his client and, in addition to asking for bail, will ask the judge to impose a specific condition — only allow Conrad out if he agrees to enter a hospital where doctors can diagnose him.

In recent years, Rick and Kathy Hilton have struggled to help their son, who is still in jail on $60,000 bail, but Conrad’s issues seem to go deeper than a bad case of affluenza.

We’ll see if the judge responds.

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May 9, 2017 11:16am PDT

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