ABC Reportedly Wants Kelly Clarkson To Return To American Idol As A Judge — But Will She Do It??

kelly clarkson in talks to return to american idol as a judge

Going back to her roots.

As you’ve probably heard, American Idol is getting a reboot thanks to ABC. And while it’s looks like Ryan Seacrest IS returning to the singing competition to host, he isn’t the only Idol alum to be recruited by the network. In fact, it’s being reported that Kelly Clarkson has been asked to come back to Idol to be a judge. Ooh, go on!

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According to TMZ, ABC has expressed a “serious interest” in making Miz Clarkson one of their judges — which only makes sense since she won the first season of the OG show. Apparently, the Since U Been Gone singer is incredibly interested in the position and already has her team clearing her schedule so that she can be available for filming. Well, well!

It’s said the reboot won’t travel from city to city for auditions, but rather the try-outs will be held at Disney World and Disneyland. This change will make it easier for the cast and crew to be involved. As Kelly has two kids, we’re sure she’s grateful for this update.

Not to mention, it’s unclear whether the show will air once or twice a week. Supposedly, ABC is leaning towards airing the show once a week so that filming will be a breeze for the judges and host. We mean, with Seacrest’s 9 million jobs, he could use a simpler production schedule.

Nonetheless, we’ll definitely be keeping our eyes peeled for any confirmation about Kelly’s (rumored) new Idol role. Squee!

May 10, 2017 8:02am PDT

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