Conrad Hilton Refused To Leave His Jail Cell — Is He Trying To Avoid Court-Mandated Psychiatric Treatment?

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Conrad Hilton isn’t making things easy for his family.

The hotel heir continued his temper tantrum in jail days after being arrested for violating a restraining order and stealing Rick Salomon‘s Bentley to stalk his ex-girlfriend.

The troubled 23-year-old had an intense meltdown while being arrested Saturday morning, yelling homophobic and racial slurs at cops and not-so-politely reminding them who he was. (“Conrad motherfucking Hilton,” for those who forgot.)

Now, it looks like Conrad is being just as uncooperative behind bars. On Tuesday, he refused to leave his cell for his court appearance!

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According to multiple outlets, Paris Hilton‘s brother declined to get on the bus from Los Angeles’ Twin Towers jail to the city courtroom.

Court officials didn’t seem to mind Conrad not being there; they charged him in absentia with felony auto theft, violating a restraining order, and contempt of court. If convicted, he faces up to four years in jail.

Some sources say Conrad’s refusal to leave his cell isn’t so much bratty behavior as it is foiling his parents’ plan to get him to seek medical help.

Rick and Kathy Hilton were apparently in cahoots with Conrad’s famous attorney Robert Shapiro to get the young Hilton the help he needs. Shapiro reportedly asked the judge to release Conrad on the agreement he participate in court-mandated psychiatric treatment.

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A family source told The New York Daily News:

“If we wanted him released, we would have posted bail. This is not his first incident like this├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥with what [has been] described as bizarre and unusual behavior. It’s for doctors to determine what’s wrong. We want to find out what the problem is.”

Now, the family faces a new problem with Conrad’s no-show in court. Let’s hope they can strike a deal with the judge to get him the professional help he needs.

[Image via Winston Burris/WENN.]

May 10, 2017 2:01pm PST

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