Conrad Hilton Begs Rick Solamon To ‘Teach’ Him How To Get Back With His Ex In Eerie New Video Plea About ‘Magicians’ & ‘Illusions’

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Conrad Hilton is asking for help… it’s just not clear what kind.

On Wednesday, a judge agreed to release the hotel heir on $90,000 bail after he violated a restraining order by trying to break into the home of ex-girlfriend Hunter Daily Solamon over the weekend.

The judge said the troubled 23-year-old, who was facing four years in prison, could only be released to the custody of his father Rick Hilton — and must agree to enter a hospital where his condition can be diagnosed.

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But according to new video footage obtained by, it appears Paris Hilton‘s younger brother was trying to seek help prior to his arrest on Saturday — from none other than his ex-girlfriend’s father, Rick Salomon.

The eerie video shows a Conrad in a near-psychotic state pleading to Salomon about how he wants to be reunited with Hunter, saying she doesn’t need her current boyfriend Jimmy Caan.

He said in a monotone voice:

“I want Hunter, please make me want her more. Please teach me to be the guy that she deserves. She does not need Jimmy Caan, I’m not saying he’s not a nice guy, but please help me, please.”

But the confessional gets a bit weirder when Conrad vaguely references “illusions” in his apology, continuing:

“Rick, I’d like to move forward and have a mutual respect between the two of us. I’m sorry, even though it’s all an illusion. I’m sorry for what I’ve tried doing. I’m sorry for trying to take advantage of your wife, your daughters. I thought you took advantage of my sister ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ I don’t know if you did but I’m pretty sure it was an illusion too.”

For those who haven’t been keeping up with the Hiltons, Hunter’s father is that Rick Salomon — the one who released that sex tape with Paris in 2003, and ultimately blessed us with a world of “that’s hot,” KUWTK, and even this very website. (Thanks again, Rick!)

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Conrad had previously claimed that video put him through hell throughout school, but now he apparently feels differently, adding:

“You guys aren’t porn stars, you’re magicians, teach me please.”

The tape was shot the morning he was arrested by Salomon’s lifelong friend Sal Tesauro, who was staying at the home of E.G. Daily (Hunter’s mom and Rick’s ex) at the time.

The 51-year-old said Conrad rang the doorbell and he went out to confront him. The hotel heir was “obviously not in a good state” according to Tesauro, and began rambling on about Rick Salomon.

Well aware of the restraining order against him, Tesauro asked Conrad to repeat what he said on tape so he could show it to the family. Here’s all of what he had to say:

Despite how creepily he phrases it, it’s clear Conrad was looking for help.

Hopefully, he’ll get the help he needs, as the troubled Hilton will be released to his father and sent to a hospital in Houston.

[Image via Daily Mail.]

May 10, 2017 5:35pm PDT

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