Russian President/Hockey Star Vladimir Putin Reacts To Donald Trump Firing James Comey — See His Pre-Game Interview!

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Vladimir Putin doesn’t have time to answer your silly little paranoid questions.

The Russian president was about to hit the rink at the Night Hockey League match in Sochi on Wednesday when he was stopped by CBS NewsElizabeth Palmer, who asked for his two cents about Donald Trump firing FBI director James Comey.

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Putin didn’t seem phased by this stunning news (maybe because he already knew about it?), saying Trump’s dictatorial decision “won’t affect” U.S.-Russia relationships.

The President-athlete then told the reporter he found her question “funny” because Russia has “nothing to do with this,” adding:

“President Trump is acting in accordance to his competence, in accordance to his laws and constitution.”

Really? Russia has nothing to do with this decision?

We guess he forgot Comey was in charge of the FBI investigation into Trump’s connection with Russia? LOLz, we kid — of course he didn’t forget!

Just look at that all-knowing smirk he gave while being questioned:

These comments came shortly after POTUS met with Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov at the White House — but Vlad clearly had much more important things on his mind: tearing up the ice!

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He then said to Palmer:

“What do we have to do with this? I’m planning to play hockey with fans. And you’re invited.”

Ha! What a good sport!

Putin then skated off to his hockey game where he apparently scored seven goals, and absolutely did NOT get special treatment in the rink:

We have a feeling his plus-double hat-trick isn’t the only victory Vlad is celebrating this week!

[Image via CBS News/Twitter.]

May 10, 2017 4:01pm PST

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