This Texas Bill May Force Transgender Teens Out Of High School Sports — How Awful!

mack beggs transgender wrestler

This is just unacceptable.

There’s a chance transgender students in Texas could be banned from playing sports as a bill, named SB 2095, is making its rounds in the state’s legislature. While the proposed legislation’s hides itself as a bill against steroid use, critics claim the document is meant to discriminate against students who are transitioning.

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Texas State Senator Sylvia Garcia passionately explained to CNN:

“The real intent of the bill is to keep young transgender athletes from participating in sports. We need to make sure they’re free to participate just like everybody else.”

Sadly, the bill has already passed in the state Senate and is expected to go before the House any day now. Of course, this controversial bill comes months after one transgender wrestler made headlines for winning the state championship.

In case you forgot, Texas sports fans were up in arms when teenager Mack Beggs walked away with an undefeated season in the girl’s 110-pound weight class, as he was in the middle of transitioning and had been taking testosterone for sometime. However, Beggs was forced to compete on the girls’ team as his birth certificate says he was born female, despite wanting to compete against his male peers. So, Mack was pretty much in a lose-lose scenario.

It’s pretty freakin suspicious that a bill about steroid use pops up only a handful of months after Beggs’ state championship win. Tsk, tsk.

Nonetheless, State Senator Bob Hall (who wrote the bill in question) defends that the legislation is simply meant to keep student athletes safe. Hall told the Texas Tribune:

“This bill is not addressing who plays on what sports. This bill is addressing individuals who … are taking steroids, then make sure, as a result of that, the events remain safe and fair.”

Ummm, if you’re so worried about safety then let Mack wrestle on the boys’ team. You know, since he IS a boy and all.

We’ll be left incredibly heartbroken if this discriminatory piece of legislation passes in the House too. Hopefully, Texas’ House of Representatives is a bit more open minded…

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May 11, 2017 11:15am PST

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