Donald Trump Campaign Chair Arraigned On Charges Of Rape & Human Trafficking DURING The Election!

donald trump former campaign chair arraigned rape charges

As if we needed ANOTHER reason to hate the Donald Trump campaign…

On Wednesday, the former chair for the Trumpster’s campaign in Campbell County, KY was arraigned on an 11-count indictment, which includes charges of human trafficking, rape, and prostitution. How awful.

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In case you hadn’t heard, Timothy Nolan was first arrested back in April after an investigation by the Campbell County Police Department fingered him as the culprit in a human trafficking and an unlawful transaction with a minor case.

It’s believed these crimes were committed back in August 2016, when Nolan was the campaign chairman for the Celebrity Apprentice star. Wow.

Currently, there are nine victims going after the former district judge. As a result of this scandal, Nolan has since resigned his seat on the local school board. Nonetheless, Timothy has entered in a not guilty plea to all of the charges — which makes sense as he’s currently facing the possibility of a 100 year prison sentence.

In fact, Nolan’s attorney is claiming the accusations brought against the Kentucky-based politician are “politically motivated.” The disgraced judge’s lawyer’s defense is that these allegations are merely a response to the separate lawsuit Nolan filed against other Republicans in the county. Apparently, the Trump supporter sued after the site claimed Nolan was one of the Ku Klux Klan members featured in a photograph online.

The site also labeled Nolan as “one of Campbell County’s most vehement racists.” Timothy has since denied those accusations as well.

On the conspiracy theory defense, Timothy’s lawyer simply noted:

“I would call it a conspiracy. You read the contents and find out. Go to the website and look at what they done to him.”

As for Nolan himself, he’s stayed pretty tight lipped about the case — only adding at one point:

“I have a great attorney and we will vigorously defend this.”

It’ll certainly be inneresting to see what happens at Timothy’s hearing on July 7.

[Image via WLWT/NBC.]

May 12, 2017 2:46pm PDT

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