Fyre Festival Employees Won’t Be Getting Paid — Hear The Tense Phone Conference With Angry Workers!

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Rich millennials aren’t the only ones to be let down by Fyre Festival.

The company that promised a lavish weekend festival in the Bahamas is riddled in lawsuits after the event unraveled into a poorly planned disaster with no amenities, music, or safety.

But now it appears the festival was just as big of a bust for the employees who tried to make it happen, because no one’s getting paid for their work on the event that never was!

Co-founder Billy McFarland broke the news to employees in a tense telephone conference last week, saying the company behind the festival, Fire App, would “not able to proceed with payroll immediately.”

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In the audio obtained by Vice News, the 25-year-old entrepreneur said the company would love to have employees hang around and “hunker down and get back to a place where things resume to business as usual” — just, you know, don’t expect to be paid for it.

McFarland’s co-creator Ja Rule was on the line in the beginning of the call, but could “barely hear” anyone because of a mysterious “fucking hum” sound. The rapper said he’d call back in, but left McFarland to do the rest of the dirty work.

McFarland said despite employees being in “not an ideal situation,” the company would not be laying off or firing anyone — which workers quickly pointed out would prevent them from being able to collect unemployment benefits.

While McFarland said the company wouldn’t be able to fulfill the “obligations” of paying its employees, he was optimistic that Fyre Media would be able to bounce back and continue to grow the booking platform for celebrity talent.

LOL, right. Kendall Jenner would rather film another Pepsi commercial before touching this dumpster fire again.

Though employees had other worries besides not being paid, as one asked:

“Should we be concerned about the FBI, Billy?”

One employee said she heard another had been contacted by the FBI and wondered the chances she would be called as well — to which Billy responded that was “really more of an individual thing.” Yikes.

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Many employees of Fyre Media were hired to build the platform and were not directly involved with the planning of the festival. The team was preparing to launch the app when disaster struck on April 27.

While McFarland said he hoped some of the workers stuck around, most of the remaining Fyre Media employees quit over the weekend and Monday. Their access to the company email was shut off soon after.

Hopefully these employees get some form of payment — maybe Fyre has some leftover gourmet sandwiches of sliced bread and cheese?

Listen in to the awkward conference (below) for yourself!

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May 12, 2017 12:06pm PDT

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