J.K. Rowling Urges Fans NOT To Buy Her Stolen Harry Potter Prequel!

JK Rowling urges fans not to buy stolen story.

Resist, Harry Potter fans!

We know it would be difficult to pass up a handwritten manuscript by J.K. Rowling herself, but that’s exactly what she’s urging fans to do!

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The author tweeted a plea on Friday asking fans NOT to buy a stolen 800-word prequel story to Harry Potter that she wrote for a charity auction back in 2008. (It sold for 25K pounds, or about $49K, btw!)

Why? It’s hot. And we don’t mean it got breathed on by a Hungarian Horntail. JK tweeted about the stolen manuscript:

West Midlands Police said the story was stolen sometime between April 13 and 24, along with some jewelry during a burglary in Birmingham, central England.

Investigating officer Paul Jauncey also urged fans to immediately contact police if they see it for sale anywhere.​

The story is set three years before Harry is born, and details the time Harry’s father James Potter and godfather Sirius Black got into trouble with a policeman before using magic to escape.

Whoever has it better not ruin it! It’s kind of a big deal.

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May 12, 2017 2:19pm PDT

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