Sean Spicer Decrees It’s ‘Offensive’ To Ask If Donald Trump Is ‘Out Of Control’!

sean spicer responds to out of control comment

It’s like Sean Spicer isn’t even trying anymore.

Donald Trump‘s lackeys have been very busy ever since the President shockingly fired (now former) FBI director James Comey. To make matters worse, the Commander-In-Chief seemingly threatened the legal expert in a recent Twitter rant — which the Oval Office‘s communications department has since tried to downplay.

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Thus, Mr. Spicer had a curt response when one White House journalist asked if he had anything to say to a former FBI official who said Trump is “out of control.” See the awkward exchange go down for yourself (below).

Oof. Spicer also refused to expand on the controversial politician’s latest Twitter rant and declined to comment on whether POTUS or any of his staffers have recorded private conversations in the West Wing, specifically the Oval Office.

We smell a scandal brewing, don’t you??

[Image via CNN/Twitter.]

May 12, 2017 3:13pm PST

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