Aaron Hernandez’s Fianc├â┬⌐e Reveals Her Doubts About The Late NFL Star’s Suicide To Dr. Phil

aaron hernandez fiancee dr phil interview

Aaron Hernandez‘s fianc├â┬⌐e has doubts about the NFL star’s suicide.

As you surely know, the former New England Patriots tight end passed away in April as he killed himself while behind bars at the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center. At the time of his death, the scandalized athlete was serving a life sentence for the murder of Odin Lloyd.

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And despite the fact that Aaron penned several suicide notes before taking his own life, it appears as though Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez thinks the footballer’s letter to her could be fake. Whoa.

As we previously reported, Shayanna filmed a sit down with Dr. Phil — which is scheduled to air in two parts on Monday and Tuesday — where it’s said she discussed everything from Aaron’s rumored romantic life in prison to the last conversation they had.

On why she feels the suicide note may not be real, DailyMail.com reports Miz Jenkins-Hernandez told the TV doctor:

“I did see that it was addressed to Shay instead of you know babe or bae, the way he would refer me as – that was a little odd to me. But as far as the content, he seemed to be his loving self.”

Hmmm, very inneresting. When Dr. Phil asked if the handwriting looked like Hernandez’s, Shayanna revealed:

“(It) was similar, but I feel like, again, you have nothing but time in there so I feel like it’s easily duplicated or could be.”

TBH, we don’t blame Aaron’s baby momma for having doubts about the specifics surrounding his death as the University Of Florida alum had just been acquitted of two murders and had filed an appeal for his homicide conviction. Not to mention, Hernandez’s other loved ones are reportedly helming an independent investigation into his passing.

We mean, even Aaron’s lawyer put Massachusetts authorities on blast for the way they handled the late celeb’s death. Also, Shayanna claims Aaron showed no signs of having suicidal thoughts during their many conversations. In fact, the athlete’s longtime love spoke to him the night before he was found dead in his prison cell.

On their last conversation, she shared:

“He was very positive, so excited to come home. I spoke to him the night before and he was so, ‘Daddy’s going to be home,’ and ‘I can’t wait to sleep in the bed with you guys,’ and ‘I can’t wait to just hold you and love you.'”

Jenkins-Hernandez continued:

“I remember him saying ‘Babe I’ve got to go, they’re shutting the doors’ and I honestly don’t think we said I love you to each other and that was it… I just know that the feedback I was getting from our last talk had nothing to do with any suicidal thoughts. I felt like we were looking so bright. We were going up a ladder to a positive direction.”

We’re sure there will be plenty of more truth bombs to report on once the episodes air. Be sure to stay tuned for any updates!

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May 15, 2017 11:27am PDT

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