Donald Trump’s Lawyer Posts Sexy Lingerie Photo Of His Daughter & Gets Roasted By Twitter!

Trump attorney posts sexy pic of his daughter.

Like client, like lawyer!

We all know Donald Trump has a penchant for admiring his daughter Ivanka Trump‘s good looks, but now his personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, is also getting in on the action.

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The attorney recently posted a lingerie modeling image of his own daughter on Twitter, and everyone went nuts!


Twitter users were merciless, as you would expect. Check out some of the reactions (below)!

Cohen came out swinging, though, calling one user an “a-hole” and a “hater.” So classy.

That didn’t stop Twitter from continuing to go in on him:

Cohen then asked another user if they were “jealous.” Such professional behavior. So dignified.

Did you expect any less of Trumpelstilskin’s lawyer though? All people associated with him are horrible.


[Image via Twitter.]

May 15, 2017 12:15pm PDT

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