Chris Soules’ Motion To Have Hit-And-Run Felony Charge Dismissed Denied By Iowa Judge

chris soules motion denied


Chris Soules‘ attempt to have a class D felony charge dismissed has been officially shut down by an Iowa judge. Reportedly, the motion to dismiss is considered to be “procedurally moot” by the court. Oof.

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This is just the first set back in what will likely be a lengthy legal battle for the Bachelor alum. As you surely know, the reality TV vet was arrested back in April for allegedly leaving the scene of a fatal car accident. Soules’ legal team has since tried to defend that Chris didn’t flee the crash scene as he called 911 and checked victim Kenneth Mosher‘s pulse before taking off.

Obviously, the court was not buying this defense. The scandalized celeb is currently house bound with an ankle monitor — and he should consider himself lucky!

Be sure to check back for updates as the 35-year-old is supposed to be arraigned on May 23.

[Image via Josiah True/WENN.]

May 16, 2017 10:34am PDT

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