Late Night Hosts Destroy Donald Trump For Stupidly Spilling Secrets To The Russians! Watch!

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In case you’ve been living under a rock — and let’s be clear, no one would blame you! — Donald Trump‘s latest scandal is doing something that isn’t illegal, but would be for anyone else.

He spilled top secret U.S. intelligence with Russian government officials.

The craziest part? It isn’t so much evidence of collusion so much as evidence of complete ineptitude! According to witnesses he was just bragging about the quality of his state secrets!

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Obviously, late night hosts couldn’t wait to give their take on what could be the first big dance number in this shit show.

Unfortunately the news had only just dropped when the shows taped, so there’s only a short piece from each — but it definitely feels like the first bite of an enormous meal.

Ch-ch-check em all out (below)!

Stephen Colbert pointed out at least Trump finally found the “leaker” he was looking for AND explained just how top secret this info was.

Seth Meyers was still talking about the firing of James Comey, but he managed to squeeze it in as even more evidence that Republicans running Congress need to start doing their jobs and check and balance his ass.

Over on Comedy Central, The Daily Show host Trevor Noah was using his terrible Trump impression to make some very good points about Trump’s terrible character.

Seriously, did he really endanger U.S. intelligence just to brag??

[Image via CBS/Comedy Central/NBC.]

May 16, 2017 1:25pm PDT

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