Special Snowflake Donald Trump Whines About A ‘Witch Hunt’ Against Him

Donald Trump tweets about a witch hunt.

Waaaaaaaa, a baby in the White House is crying! Can someone get him his pacifier???

Donald Trump has gone off the rails again, tweeting outrageous claims Thursday morning about how harassed and victimized he is at the moment. What about all the people that have felt victimized by YOU, Mr. Trump???

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The crybaby buffoon wrote:

Um, did he forget about the billion Benghazi hearings Hillary Clinton had to endure, and all the YEARS President Obama had to deal with Republicans insisting he was a Muslim born in Kenya?

Guess it’s only considered a witch hunt when Donny Boy here is the target. And maybe if he wasn’t so far up Putin’s colon, then nobody would be investigating him in the first place. He brought this onto himself! But to realize that you have to have more than two brain cells in working order.

His Twitter mentions are glorious right now though, so there is that.

God, we really hope Donny reads his mentions.

Maybe if tweeters put his name in every tweet, he’d be more likely to do it! He just LOVES seeing his own name!

Batten down the hatches — there might be more tweetstorms coming!

May 18, 2017 9:52am PDT

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