Amy Schumer Makes First Appearance Since Split & Says She Wants A ‘Nice Guy’

Amy Schumer appears on Loose Women.

Amy Schumer wants a nice guy!

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The actress made her first appearance since news of her split from boyfriend Ben Hanisch. Appearing on UK TV show Loose Women alongside Goldie Hawn, the comedian was quizzed on what type of man she finds most attractive — nice guys or bad boys.

She said:

“I’ll go for nice guy.”

Not really a surprise, as by all accounts Ben was definitely a nice guy! How could a furniture designer be bad, right?

Goldie, on the other hand, raised her hand for the bad boys, saying:

“I like a bad guy, I have to say. I’ve got in a lot of trouble with bad guys, but, um, Kurt [Russell]’s gotten to be a much better guy. That’s for sure.”

The Snatched co-stars then had to answer the eternal question of sex on a first date. Yes or no?

Amy candidly quipped:

“First date! Wait for what?”

And Goldie admitted she and longtime partner Kurt consummated their relationship on the very first date:

“I was loose. I really was. But by the way he was loose too! It takes two to be loose. But I knew him, we flirted and stuff, it was consummated on one night. It was all consuming, it’s been that way for 34 years.”

Things worked out for the best, didn’t they? Proof that sex on a first date isn’t always a bad idea!

[Image via Loose Women]

May 19, 2017 1:38pm PDT

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