Billy Bush Breaks Silence — Reveals Daughter ‘Was In Tears’ After His Lewd Conversation With Donald Trump Was Leaked!

billy bush talks tape scandal

Speaking out.

As you surely know, Billy Bush has been relatively MIA from the spotlight following his ousting from the Today show for his involvement in a lewd conversation with (now president) Donald Trump. Specifically, in footage leaked from a 2005 Access Hollywood interview, the TV personality and the Celebrity Apprentice alum were heard making misogynistic comments about women. Smh.

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While the Trumpster walked away pretty unscathed from this scandal, the 45-year-old broadcaster’s professional reputation appeared to be seemingly irreparable. Nonetheless, Bush has since issued a mea culpa and is owning up to his part in this international scandal. During a candid chat with The Hollywood Reporter, the TV host addressed his fall from grace and revealed how he told his daughters about the p*ssy-grabbing controversy.

Bush noted:

“Looking back upon what was said on that bus, I wish I had changed the topic. [Trump] liked TV and competition. I could’ve said, ‘Can you believe the ratings on whatever?’ But I didn’t have the strength of character to do it.”

According to Billy, he’s only watched the headline making tape three times, but after each viewing he felt “totally and completely gutted.” Good.

Billy continued:

“It’s been a roller coaster. If you start from the day everything happened, Friday, Oct.├óΓé¼┬»7, it was just instant shock. Things were happening way too fast, and a media circus developed. I’ve never been the type that the paparazzi would be interested in. So that early part was just chaos. But then things progressed, and when you have a big, traumatic event, you go through stages, and it led to acceptance and understanding. And then I found myself in a place of soul searching. And I developed a commitment to become a better, fuller man.”

And although the NY native wishes the situation never happened, he’s grateful for what he’s learned from this particular scandal. He added:

“I am not grateful for the moment. But I’m grateful for what I’ve gotten out of it. I’m grateful that it hit me all the way to my core.”

Well said. Of course, the hardest fallout for Bush following the leak was addressing the issue with his three daughters.

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In regards to how his family handled the news, the industry vet explained:

“My [then] 15-year-old, Mary, called me from boarding school, and she was in tears. And she said, ├óΓé¼╦£No, why were you laughing at the things that he was saying on that bus, Dad? They weren’t funny.’ It hit really hard…And my wife, Sydney, knows the environment and the atmosphere I was in at the time, and she knows very well the person she married. She has been very supportive from the very beginning.”

Well, we’re glad Billy’s daughter didn’t let him off the hook. And it appears as though the father-of-three is ready for his comeback, as he relayed to THR:

“I have changed in a way that I think will make me better at my job.”

Hmmm, very inneresting. What do YOU think?? Is the public ready to forgive Billy??

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[Image via The Hollywood Reporter.]

May 22, 2017 8:18am PDT

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