Matt Baier Angrily Declares He ‘Will Not Marry’ Amber Portwood After The Teen Mom OG Star Rejects His Elopement Idea!

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Looks like things have been tense between Amber Portwood and Matt Baier for awhile now.

As we previously reported, the Teen Mom OG star and her fianc├â┬⌐ have decided to put their engagement on hold as they’re currently focused on working on their relationship. And we’re sure the producers for the MTV hit saw this news coming, as the Teen Mom cameras caught evidence of the strain in Portwood and Baier’s romance.

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In fact, during Monday’s episode of the reality show things got particularly tense between Matt and Amber when the 27-year-old mother of one refused to elope while in Las Vegas. The twosome were originally in Sin City in order to help pals, Wayne and Annette, find a wedding venue, however, being in Vegas inspired Matt to propose an elopement to Amber.

Of course, this suggestion came after Miz Portwood expressed some doubt about walking down the aisle. While chatting with Annette about her relationship, the TV personality explained:

“I’ve been through so much shit with him. It would blow your mind. It’s hard to just forget things. I can forgive things [more] easily than I can forget.”

Fair enough. The reality TV celeb added:

“I just want me and Matt to be in a place where the trust is completely there, before we get married. I’m just not there yet. I just feel that if more surprises come out, he’s going to lose something that he’s never going to find again. And that’s a fact.”

Snap! Snap!

After hearing Amber’s hesitation it isn’t shocking that she turned down Matt’s elopement proposition, especially since her daughter Leah wasn’t there. At first, Portwood told her man that she needed a minute to call her brother Shawn to ask him if the family would be pissed if she eloped.

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Baier did NOT take Amber’s resistance and need for reassurance well as he more than flipped out to one of the TMOG producers. Oof.

The You Have No F**king Idea: The Naked Truth About My Life author not only told one producer that he was “done” with Amber, but he also stated while cameras rolled:

“I will not marry her now. I will not marry her ever. I’m not gonna let her brother dictate my life.”

What an overreaction. Damn. Amid one MTV employee’s attempt to calm Matt down, Amber’s beau continued:

“She wants to marry her brother. Fuck her. She just humiliated me on TV. I’m done! Done.”

Again, so dramatic. Matt’s tempter tantrum trickled over to lunch as he ranted again later in the episode:

“I will fake this for the rest of the day. But I am done with her fuck psycho ass.”

Nonetheless, despite repeatedly saying he was “done” with Amber, he told the former teen mom that he was “not going anywhere” following their fight. Girl, there are so many red flags here. Watch the whole awkward encounter go down for yourself (below)!

Hopefully, Portwood takes her sweet time heading to the wedding altar…

Other stuff happened in the episode which featured Amber’s Teen Mom costars, but honestly, nothing worth mentioning to you all.

[Image via MTV.]

May 23, 2017 12:41pm PDT

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