ICYMI: Jim Carrey Talks Epic Beards & Testicular Grooming On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Jim Carrey addresses his beard situation.

Jim Carrey‘s beard has eclipsed him!

The man received over a minute of applause as he simply stood and stared at the audience when he stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! Monday night. And then explained that he wanted to see how long it would take before the audience got tired. LOLz!

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The audience was happy to give him even more applause after that!

As the 55-year-old sat down to begin the show, Jimmy asked him how life was going, to which Jim cryptically responded:

“It’s so beautiful, it really is, especially when I’m absent from it.”

He elaborated:

“No, [I don’t feel separated from the world] at all. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. Don’t get me wrong├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥Jim Carrey is a great character and I was lucky to get the part. But, I don’t think of that as me anymore. I used to be a guy who was experiencing the world and now I feel like the world and the universe experiencing a guy.”

Okay…whatever that means!

Talk then turned to the actor’s epic beard, which pretty much went viral a few months ago when nobody could recognize him with it.

Jim said:

“Everywhere I go, people talk about the beard. They can’t really think about anything else. It’s not cohesive. There’s something different about me, and it’s that damn beard. Wherever I show up, it becomes this story. It’s a bigger star than me at this point. It has its own Twitter.”

He also quipped:

“The question is not, ‘Why are you growing a beard?’ The question is, ‘Why am I growing a beard and still shaving my balls? It doesn’t make any sense. I think it’s a balanced thing, you know? If I’m shaved down there, than I gotta do this. So if I ever shave my face again, you’ll know there’s a full beard somewhere.”

Ha!!! Guess testicular grooming is more of a priority for the comedian these days. But keep an eye out for when he really does shave off all that facial hair. Then we’ll know what’s going on in his nether regions.

Horrible visual? You’re welcome.

Check out the full clip (below)!

[Image via YouTube.]

May 23, 2017 6:33pm PDT

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