Katy Perry Says She├óΓé¼Γäós ‘Really Proud’ Of Her American Idol Money After Calling The Industry A ├óΓé¼╦£Fucking Nightmare├óΓé¼Γäó

Katy is getting her millions!

Katy Perry is getting paid and she’s letting the world know!

After it was reported the new American Idol judge could be picking up a $25 MILLION paycheck for signing on to the ABC show, the songstress is talking about being a big deal.

Ahem, we mean her big deal!

Video: Katy FINALLY Addresses Her Feud With Taylor Swift

When asked about her money situation while sitting down for WKTU‘s Cubby And Carolina Bermudez In The Morning on Tuesday (airing Wednesday), Katy explained:

“You know, I think there are a couple different ways to go about answering that question. One is, first and foremost, the news, the media. I kinda stopped doing a whole lot of print media and I only do radio and TV because context is wild these days. Nobody cares about intention. It’s all clickbait, it’s all a bunch of crap on the internet. I think ‘www’ stands for wild, wild, west. But secondarily, I’m really proud that as a woman I got paid. And you know why? I got paid, pretty much, more than any guy that’s been on that show. And by the way, I love men. So I’m a paid woman and I’m ready for a beautiful man.”

Damn, ok! Single and ready to mingle Katy is here!

The Swish Swish performer also had some words about Miley Cyrus saying she was the inspiration behind I Kissed A Girl! Perry divulged:

“There were so many muses to that song. Also, when I was that I age, I was just a little shit stirrer… I think it was quite interesting at the time because it was a song that, you know, posed a question in people’s minds and brought the conversation to a general public perspective, which I’m really proud of. But, yeah, of course I think the Miley thing, by the way, I love her so much. And I just see how authentic she is and trying to be and I just, honestly, god bless everyone on their journey and I just hope that they can do the same for me, truly have love and respect for everyone.”

And here’s how the 32-year-old finished off that thought:

“But this industry is a fucking nightmare. It’s a fucking nightmare.”

Wow. Tell us how you really feel, girl!

Catch her interview in the clips (below):

May 23, 2017 2:25pm PDT

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