OMG, Melania Trump Just Dipped Out Of Holding Hands With Donald AGAIN — Twitter Reacts!

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Melania Trump isn’t even trying to hide it anymore.

As you might’ve seen yesterday, Donald Trump and his wife were seen walking away from Air Force One after landing in Tel Aviv — when POTUS reached for his wife’s hand, and she straight up slapped the tiny little thing away! Literally, SLAPPED it away.

Clearly not concerned about the optics, FLOTUS got herself out of another hand hold in Rome on Tuesday when she not-so-smoothly brushed her hair aside when Donald went to grab her arm. Naturally, his hand landed on her backside instead. Oof.

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We obviously don’t know these two personally, but this does NOT look good to us! Especially two public appearances in a row!

Ch-ch-check out the best Twitter reactions (below)!

The shade is so real.

May 23, 2017 2:57pm PDT

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