Mom Receives Honorary Degree For Attending Every Class With Quadriplegic Son

Mom helps son receive his MBA.

Hold onto your heart — this story is gonna give it a big squeeze!

The mother of a quadriplegic student has received an honorary degree from Chapman University in Orange, CA for attending every class with her son and taking his notes for him.

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Marty O’Connor became paralyzed after falling down a flight of stairs at his job in 2012. He uses an iPad, laptop, voice recognition software, and a mouth stylus to communicate, but cannot take his own notes or write down test answers. His mother, Judy O’Connor, did that for him in graduate school so he could earn his MBA.

During graduation on Saturday, Judy pushed Marty in his wheelchair to receive his diploma when an announcement was made that she was being given her own honorary degree. It had been Marty’s idea.

Judy received a standing ovation and blew a kiss to the crowd.

Before the ceremony took place, she explained how much she loved school and helping her son:

“I’m a geek. I love being in school. I’m not going to lie. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.”

On a story posted to the school website, Marty also explained why he had decided to continue his education after his accident:

“After I got hurt, I didn’t know which end was up. I didn’t really have a direction. I needed that mental challenge and wanted to add some professional value to myself.”

Watch the moment Judy received her degree (below)!

So sweet! Congrats to Judy and Marty!

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May 24, 2017 1:54pm PDT

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