Thousands March In The Streets Of Brussels To Protest Donald Trump’s Visit To The Belgian Capital!

donald trump protest belgium

Add the Belgians to the long list of people who hate Donald Trump!

On Wednesday, thousands of protestors flocked to the streets of Brussels in order to protest the visit of Trump and his wife Melania Trump. The President and First Lady arrived in the capital city of Belgium this week, which was surprising since the Celebrity Apprentice star previously likened the metropolis to a “hellhole.”

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It’s said around 9,000 people marched in the Anti-Trump rally. The protestors were heard chanting:

“If you don’t want Trump in Belgium clap your hands.”

LOVES it! At another point, the group also shouted:

“Hey hey, ho ho, Donald Trump has got to go.”

You tell ’em, guys! The marchers were seen carrying colorful flags and banners, all which had various insults for the Commander-In-Chief. Our personal favorite was one sign which read, “stay out of our hole.” LOLz, we see what you did there!

Be sure to ch-ch-check out some of the protest’s HIGHlights (below)

The good news for both the Belgians and the Trumps is that POTUS is only slated to stay in Brussels for 24 hours. Apparently, Donald traveled to the heartland of the European Union in order to attend a NATO summit. Trump’s goal at the meeting is to convince members to increase their respective countries’ defense budgets by two percent. Many Belgians are against this proposition as they feel Donnie is pushing “his war agenda.”

Demonstration organizer Ludo De Brabander explained:

“He wants Europe to spend more money on war when he should be investing in peace. If all the EU member states pay two percent of their GDP on military spending, that’s billions of dollars that should be spent helping the poor, not investing into a war machine.”

We mean, this guy’s not wrong. Trump is expected to travel to Sicily next for the G7 summit.

It’ll be inneresting to see if he gets an equally cool greeting in the Italian city upon his arrival. Fingers crossed!

[Image via Jack Parrock/Twitter/WENN]

May 25, 2017 3:22pm PDT

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