Some Men Are Upset Over A Women-Only Screening Of Wonder Woman…

Men are butthurt over a women's only screening of Wonder Woman.

Stay salty, dudes!

A bunch of butthurt men (and some women!) are upset about a women’s only screening of Wonder Woman scheduled at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas.

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We think it’s a great idea! Why shouldn’t there be a chance for women to celebrate sisterhood in a movie about Amazon warriors? It’s not like men are being blocked from the GAJILLION other screenings!

But as soon as the special event was announced on the theater’s Facebook page, trolls came out in droves to cry baby tears about being excluded:

It’s actually pretty hilarious. See some of the sadass comments (below)!

“Could you imagine the anger and outrage from the liberal staff of Alamo if Trump held an all male screening at the white house or even if another theatre did an all male screening?!”

“Imagine the shitstorm if there was any male only showing of anything…or a private showing for a specific race or sexual orientation…Nah, it’s SJW approved”

“I’ll pay for the tickets of the first 5 large, burly, bearded veterans who walk in there to see the movie and say they identify women and demand to see it…It’s a two way street”

“You should be clear and point out that Gal Gadot is not endorsing this idea. Good luck, though.”

“Marvel has been suing people for this sort of thing lately, even over the past week. Good luck again.”

“Alamo Drafthouse, will there be a male only screening for Thor: Ragnarok or a special screening for IT that’s only for those who identify as clowns?”

“Apparently “equality” is only selective nowadays…. How about a “men’s only” showing of a movie or is that not how equality works?”

At least one woman also whined against the idea:

“I just find it weird that a business built on selling tickets and making a profit would endorse a showing where they are guaranteed to sell less tickets than normal. Leave it to Austin to come up with such a hair brained idea. Expect the fail….”

Except the showing has sold out, and the Drafthouse has added a second one. Take some aloe for that burn, girl!

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Alamo Creative Manager Morgan Hendrix never expected the backlash to an idea she considered “fun” and “empowering” for women. She said:

“We asked ourselves, ‘How do we create a land of Amazonian women? Well – we just hold a women’s only screening!’ After all, she lives on a women’s only island and comes from a land of women. This makes perfect sense.”

The funny thing is, this all started out as a SINGLE screening on Tuesday, June 6 at 7pm, days after the movie comes out on June 2. So not only are there plenty of other screenings available to both men and women beforehand, there are a ton available that day!

So this obviously isn’t about being excluded, it’s about hating the idea of women having something for themselves. To that, we say SUCK IT!

Rock on, Alamo!

P.S. — NO to whoever suggested the clown screening of It. HELL no. That just sounds horrifying.

May 25, 2017 4:18pm PDT

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