Donald Trump Calls Germans ‘Bad, Very Bad’ & Wants To Take Away Your BMWs!

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Germany has been a very naughty country!

At least according to Donald Trump, who made things quite awkward at the NATO summit after calling the Germans “very, very bad” for their trade surplus with the U.S..

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According to German news outlet Der Spiegel, POTUS promised to block German car exports to the states during a Thursday meeting with top E.U. Leaders.

Participants in the room claim Trump said:

“The Germans are bad, very bad. See the millions of cars they sell in the U.S., terrible. We will stop this.”

Uh oh. Let’s hope he’s not planning on sending every BMW and Mercedes-Benz to a concentration junkyard…

The comments were said to have been made in a meeting with the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and the European Council President Donald Tusk, who both showed support for Germany.

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While he disagreed with Trump on global trade, Juncker told reporters in Sicily that the President was “not aggressive at all” and “did not say that the Germans were behaving badly.”

However, the German government didn’t take the criticism lightly. Spokesperson Georg Streiter told press in Berlin:

“A surplus is neither good nor evil. It’s the result of supply and demand.”

Looks like Germany is also supplying loads of shade!

Chancellor Angela Merkel has yet to respond, but we have a feeling she’d say something along the lines of this:

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Bad. Very bad!

May 26, 2017 4:38pm PDT

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