You Will Not Believe This Giant Frog Photo Is Real — But It Is!

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Holy crap, we cannot unsee this.

Last week, a hunter in Texas caught a giant bull frog, and the photo just might make you leap… in terror! Dun dun DUN!

Srsly, this thing is shockingly big.

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The photo, uploaded to the South Texas Hunting Association‘s Facebook page, was shared over a quarter of a million times, mostly by people whose minds were blown by the gargantuan amphibian.

See the pic, if you dare (below)!

Obviously, many were upset at the hunter for killing such a unique animal:

“Why kill it?”

“Why did he have to kill it? Could have just taken a picture.”

“Why do people feel the need to kill an animal just because it is there?”

“Should have put that beast in a zoo !”

Others tagged their friends to laugh at their horrified reactions.

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But most just couldn’t believe their eyes, commenting:

“People are so gullible…lol”

“Fake news”

“lol, this is photoshopped”

“Best photo shop award goes to……”

Believe it or not, what you are seeing is real.

The Texas Parks And Wildlife Department has verified the photo has NOT been tweaked in any way, though the frog does look a little bigger relative to the hunter because he’s holding it closer to the camera.

That’s still a ginormous frog.

What do YOU think about all this??

May 30, 2017 7:29pm PDT

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