Sean Spicer Says Donald Trump’s Trip Abroad Was ‘Extraordinary’ & Twitter Is Not Having It!

Sean Spicer

It’s the return of the Spicey!

Sean Spicer made his first appearance in the White House press room since Donald Trump‘s trip overseas — a trip the press secretary says was nothing short of “extraordinary,” “unprecedented,” and “historic.”

Obviously, Spicer wants us all to believe everything is A-OK despite the shit storm that’s going on behind the scenes.

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He opened the White House media briefing by reciting:

“It was an unprecedented trip… The president’s historic speech was met with near universal praise.”

Wait, what??

That’s not how we remember it…

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Anyway, Twitter obviously had a field day with more of Sean’s alternative facts — ch-ch-check out the best responses (below)!!

With that said, it’s important to note Sean refused to talk about Jared Kushner‘s connection to Russia and whether or not Drumpf has an opinion on climate change (you know, real news):


[Image via CNN.]

May 30, 2017 5:55pm PST

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