Chlo├â┬½ Grace Moretz Is ‘Just As Appalled And Angry As Everyone Else’ At Her New Movie’s Body Shaming Marketing!

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Did you get as disgusted by the marketing for Red Shoes And The 7 Dwarfs as we did?

Well, Chlo├â┬½ Grace Moretz feels your pain — and she’s in the damn movie!

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Model Tess Holliday first brought the awful billboard — which referred to the fairy tale spoof’s full-figured heroine as “no longer beautiful” because she isn’t tall and thin — to everyone’s attention. And Chlo├â┬½ wasted no time getting to the bottom of it.

The star was “appalled” when she looked into the promo material, saying in a series of heartfelt tweets:

We knew Chlo├â┬½ wouldn’t get in on any body shaming nonsense!

Will YOU give the movie a chance??

[Image via LOCUS/WENN.]

May 31, 2017 3:17pm PDT

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