Almost Half Of Donald Trump’s Twitter Followers Are FAKE — See The Proof!

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Donald Trump has the best Twitter followers.

Most of the President’s social media following (31 million strong) doesn’t seem to mind when he tweets made up words or alternative facts — probably because they’re non-voting, non-thinking robots.

No, we don’t mean MAGA robots that would blissfully follow Trump to the sun. We’re talking about an even sadder group: Twitter bots that POTUS could have purchased to boost his social media following!

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Author John Niven pointed out Tuesday morning that Trump’s Twitter account saw a bizarre spike in followers over the weekend — most of which were picture-less accounts that joined the site in May 2017 and have yet to post a single tweet.

After digging into the possible case of follower-fraud, it seems Trump’s numbers are even more pathetic than we could imagine!

According to Twitter Audit, a service that calculates the authenticity of an account’s followers, only 51 percent of the Big Cheeto’s followers are real:

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In his defense, he isn’t the only politician with a high amount of inauthentic followers. It turns out 61 percent of Hillary Clinton‘s followers (15.7 million) were deemed the real deal, while a whopping 79 percent of Barack Obama‘s followers (89.3 million) are legit.

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Of course, plenty of musicians, comedians, and social media influencers have also been guilty of fabricating their internet fan bases. In the age we live in, followers are power.

But since the Dumpster is already the most powerful man in the world, we all know he doubled his following with bots because he’s obsessed with vanity numbers — like his “landslide” election win.

All together now: Sad!!!!!

[Image via Twitter Audit.]

May 31, 2017 11:20am PDT

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