Donald Trump Jr. Comes For Ken Jennings After The Jeopardy Champ Makes Brutal Barron Trump Joke!

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We’ll take “Awkward Twitter Spars” for $500, Alex.

Ken Jennings is famous for holding the record for the longest winning streak on Jeopardy! — but some are calling the game show vet a big loser after he made a brutal joke about Barron Trump.

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On Wednesday, Jennings tweeted a joke about Donald Trump‘s youngest son, poking fun at reports that the 11-year-old thought Kathy Griffin‘s photo shoot with his dad’s decapitated head was the real deal.

He shared:


After some criticized Jennings for making a savage joke about a child fearing the death of his father, the former contestant redirected attention to the president, quipping:

But by then, it was too late. Conservatives came for Jennings on social media — including Barron’s big bro Donald Trump Jr., who publically condemned Jennings’ jab, writing:

And soon, more conservatives fueled the already flaming dumpster fire.

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Right-wing blogger Ginger McQueen pointed out Jennings writes children’s books for Simon & Schuster, and encouraged Barron-defenders to threaten a boycott to the publishing house — which Donny Jr. couldn’t help but jump at as well:

But in the end, it was Jennings who got the last bitter laugh. The Jeopardy champ wrote a retort to DJ, referencing his widely-criticized affinity for big game hunting:

So, who won this round? Everyone who doesn’t have a Twitter…

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Jun 1, 2017 3:56pm PDT

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