Iggy Azalea Deletes Photos Of Anitta From Instagram & Feels The Full Wrath Of Brazilian Fans

Iggy angers Brazilian fans.

Brazil is coming for Iggy Azalea!

The rapper basically angered the nation after a performance of Switch didn’t feature enough of Brazilian superstar Anitta.

The two performed on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on May 27, but a lot of Brazilian fans thought the featured artist didn’t have enough to do during the performance. (She came on for about a minute to sing her lines then walked offstage).

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Fans immediately flooded Iggy’s Instagram page with comments, prompting the Aussie to delete all of her photos with Anitta. As you can surmise, this only caused more problems.

The rapper’s photos are now positively drenched with comments praising Anitta and knocking Iggy. Most of them say “Anitta is queen,” “Queen Anitta,” “I want anittas pictures back !!!” etc.

There are also, of course, fans who are defending Iggy and saying she did nothing wrong.

Anyway, it’s a mess. Go on Azalea’s IG and translate the comments from Portuguese for some LOLz, if you want.

For her part, Anitta has said there are no hard feelings, and called Iggy a generous and helpful person.

Can’t they all just kiss and make up???

[Image via YouTube.]

Jun 1, 2017 10:30am PDT

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