California Couple Convicted Of Torturing & Killing A 3-Year-Old Girl — Whom They Later Stuffed In A Freezer

napa couple convicted 3yo murder

What fucking awful people.

On Tuesday, a Napa, CA couple were convicted of murdering a three-year-old girl. Sarah Lynn Krueger and her boyfriend, Ryan Scott Warner, were found guilty of first-degree murder after torturing and killing Miz Krueger’s daughter, Kayleigh Slusher.

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It’s said the twosome caused multiple blunt force injuries to Kayleigh’s person, which forced the little one’s small intestine to fatally rupture. The deceased toddler was later found partially frozen in a freezer. How awful.

The duo have also been found guilty of abuse of a child under eight causing death. So, we can’t say we’re surprised to hear that Krueger and Warner are both facing life sentences without the possibility of parole.

The investigation into Kayleigh’s death started back in 2014, when a family friend discovered the youngster’s corpse in the freezer. The unnamed friend then went on to alert the authorities about the murder. On the “emotionally difficult case,” Napa Valley Deputy District Attorney Kecia Lind told People:

“He didn’t want any part of it so he told them to call the police. They did not call the police so he took it upon himself to call… She was in [the freezer] for at least a number of hours. Her body was still extremely cold to the touch when the officers found her. We don’t know for sure how long she was in the freezer.”

Oof. Although Sarah and Ryan attempted to flee the state, the authorities were able to hunt them down and arrest them. To make matters worse, it’s believed that the abuse towards Kayleigh started months prior to her death. Lind continued:

“She had severe injuries and bruising to her head. Essentially just all over her body, arms, legs, torso, buttocks├óΓé¼┬ª It was tough. The medical examiner described the amount of pain and suffering she would have been in during the time she was dying. It wasn’t a quick process.”

Our hearts are just breaking for this little girl.

While Warner’s attorney tried to convince the court his client didn’t know about the abuse, Krueger’s legal counsel blamed Ryan as the one who issued the fatal blow to the child. Sarah wasn’t an innocent bystander though, as revealed during the trial, she was using methamphetamine before her daughter’s death.

In short: it sounds like Sarah and Ryan deserved the guilty verdict which was handed down to them!

[Image via Napa Police Department.]

Jun 1, 2017 12:57pm PDT

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