Teen Prostitute Paid Out $1 Million In Explosive Oakland Police Dept. Sex Scandal Settlement!

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Pay day.

A teen who last year alleged that she had sex with over a dozen Oakland police officers settled a claim against the city for just under $1 million.

According to the City Council, the 19-year-old — who asked to be only identified as Jasmine — sparked a series of investigations within the Oakland Police Department that led to criminal charges against seven Bay Area law enforcement officers.

Jasmine revealed several of the encounters happened while she was underage, and claimed cops traded sex in exchange for protection and planned police raids.

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The scandal led to the firing of an officer and investigators with the department, along with disciplinary action against several others.

The city of Oakland agreed to settle Jasmine’s claim for up to $989,000 during a City Council meeting. The vote passed 7 to 1 — with the dissenting vote coming from Councilwoman Desley Brooks, who wanted Jasmine to receive an even larger settlement.

During a news conference on Wednesday, Jasmine, who was initially known by the pseudonym “Celeste Guap,” felt “happy that I can close this chapter and move on with my life.”

Civil rights attorney John Burris, who represents the accuser, said the large payout reflected the “responsibility” the city felt over the officers’ actions, saying in a statement:

“The settlement occurred with no admission of liability, but obviously, if you pay $1 million, you figure you got some responsibility.”

Jasmine’s attorney called the offices who took advantage of the young woman a “cabal,” adding:

“People were passing her around as if she was a kickball or something.”

People who were supposed to be keeping her safe, no less!

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf said, like Jasmine, the city is committed to moving forward from the scandal and will “remain focused on rebuilding the public trust that was so damaged by this incident.”

Do better, Oakland PD.

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Jun 2, 2017 6:38pm PDT

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