WTF! Florida Mom Under Investigation For Letting A Snake Bite Her Toddler As A Life Lesson!

woman lets snake bite baby

We are SO not about this.

The mother of a one-year-old girl in Florida has recently come under fire for allowing a red rat snake to bite her infant daughter as part of a life lesson.

Apparently, the woman is also under investigation by the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office as she supposedly uploaded a video of the terrible parenting incident to Facebook.

However, the woman has not been named by Tampa’s ABC Action News as she’s yet to be charged with anything. Huh.

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Despite the backlash she’s faced, the mother says she has no regrets about introducing the snake to her daughter. The Sebring-based woman claims she found the reptile in her driveway and thought it was a good idea to “introduce” the creature to her baby girl. She let the snake first bite her and her son, and when it “didn’t leave a mark,” she brought the serpent to her one-year-old.

The unnamed mom has since deleted the video from Facebook, but claims “people are too sensitive.” Reportedly, the controversial parent believes it is important to teach her children how to handle wildlife in order for them to learn what to avoid in the future. Ummm, your daughter is barely a fully formed person… you think she can retain how to properly handle a snake??

For shame.

What do YOU think?? Should this mother be investigated??

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Jun 6, 2017 3:33pm PDT

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