You HAVE TO READ These Leaked Emails Of Fyre Festival Organizers Debating Over The Lack Of Toilets!

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This does not look good for Ja Rule and Billy McFarland — but it may be of note to the FBI and several attorneys

Remember when former Fyre Festival employees came out hands up saying the organizers knew full well all the problems that would turn their paradise into a debacle?

Now there’s proof, in the form of gloriously horrible email leaks.

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In just one of thousands of emails obtained by Mic, a mid-level employee explains to McFarland and others (in an April 3 email with the subject heading “RED FLAG- BATHROOMS/ SHOWER SHIPPING”) the shipping cost for all the upscale communal toilets and showers was higher than they had anticipated — $400K to be exact!

And Fyre fest higher ups were not happy with those numbers.

But one organizer had a solution of sorts. They had also just found out that Starr Catering had dropped out, leading to the joke that it was working itself out:

“No one is eating so therefore no ones pooping.”


So over three weeks before the Fest began, organizers knew they would not have enough toilets. How did they try to fix their tissue issue?

In another email chain, Fyre Media president Conall Arora tries to talk everyone into skimping on the toilets. Exec producer Lyly Villanueva explains very clearly how they came to the BARE MINIMUM necessary numbers of 125 bathroom stalls and 152 shower heads for 2,500 people:

“These were equations given to us by bathroom providers and confirmed via my own research and experience.”

This is the moment when everyone needs to listen to Lyly and just pay whatever it costs.

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But Conall tries to weasel his way around the facts, responding:

“Can we stretch beyond that? If we cut it in half, we would just have double the line wait? I’m seeing some sites that say we could get away with 75 toilets”

Lyly shoots down his minimal “research,” writing back:

“Please keep in mind those├óΓé¼┬ªcalculations are for events lasting 8-10 hours with portapotties in grassy fields. This is a ├óΓé¼╦£luxury’ campsite where people will be using this as only source of relief for 5 consecutive days… Ultimately its your call, but please consider the backlash of nasty bathrooms and showers.”

She then tries to lighten the mood by saying:

“We have to move quick on this or we are in a shitty place, lol. Sorry.”

We’d chastise for more jokes, but Lyly is actually trying to help.

As for Conall, NO SYMPATHY WHATSOEVER, as he then made the call:

“It sounds like we can save a lot of money if we sub in port a potties. (First typing that in a work email for me…) Anyway could we get an idea of a nicer way to do this and how much we could save?”

So that’s how you end up with a festival advertising luxury and giving you shit.

Oh man, they are so screwed…

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Jun 6, 2017 1:46pm PDT

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