Alex Rodriguez├óΓé¼Γäós Alleged Mistress Claims Jennifer Lopez Is Being Cheated On — But Is This Just A Failed Extortion Attempt??

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One of Alex Rodriguez‘s former flames is coming out of the woodwork, alleging the star is cheating on Jennifer Lopez!

In an interview with the National Enquirer, Lauren Hunter claims the retired athlete is a serial cheater who is “very into threesomes” and “voyeurism.”

She released text messages and spilled all about their alleged fling, saying:

“I don’t think he’s sexually attracted to her. In bed with J.Lo, he’s probably picturing me.”

Interestingly enough, this all comes on the heels of a new report from TMZ, revealing A-Rod is being extorted by an ex for $600K in exchange for not sharing private text messages. It’s said the star broke things off with the unnamed flame back in 2014, and has reportedly turned down her requests for money over and over.

Except recently, she’s said to be asking for larger and larger amounts or else she’d go to the media.

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Well in Lauren’s interview, the alleged mistress says they met in 2011 at an Equinox, and slept with him while he was in a relationship with Cameron Diaz:

“I slept with him and then he went to the MTV Awards with Cameron. She looked really sad. I could see it was the end.”

Even now, she believes his relationship with J.Lo is fake. Recounting a FaceTime conversation she and the former pro athlete had, she shared:

“I even said over FaceTime, ‘You know this whole Jennifer stuff, I just don’t believe this bullshit’ and he just stuck his tongue out. When he made the face, that made me think it was fake.”

The bombshell accusations continued:

“All the months up until they started seeing each other, maybe February or March, he was always inviting me places. I was like if we’re not going to be in a relationship, leave me alone, because you don’t get anything out of me – you’re not getting sex. A week before his relationship with J. Lo was announced, he was asking me to go to Miami. When I found out I texted him.”

AND added the New York native also hit her up in May to fly out to see him in Kansas City!

“Jennifer is going to be shocked. She would be an idiot to believe he’d be faithful!”

Lauren even went on to say he offered her thousands of dollars to have a threesome, and also described what the star is like in bed:

“Everything about him is passionate and loving and sweet, he’ll kiss your hair and cuddle. But sex is not soft and gentle, he’s rough. He is good in bed, and well endowed; he’s circumcised! I don’t think he’s ever made love to anybody, ever. He disconnects, his problems take over… His biggest fetish is voyeurism. He would rather see me getting pleasure than him get pleasure. I’ve been on trips to New York and we’ve not even had sex, he’s just pleased me. He gets himself off. It’s just strange. He always wants me to talk about a sexual moment, if it’s a girl I’ve been with├óΓé¼┬ªan ex, he wants me to replay the story. He likes to be jealous, it turns him on. He’ll FaceTime me in the gym and just want to watch me work out. If I wore a camera all day he’d like it!”


“He likes me to always wear heels and lingerie and outfits, dress up as a schoolgirl. All the things I would do with him I wouldn’t do with anyone else.”

There’s no confirmation on whether this alleged mistress is the same ex attempting to extort Rodriguez.

Although, the TMZ report did add he is not paying up at all, and actually has his legal team preparing to go to police and federal authorities if she continues with the threats!

Additionally, it’s said Jennifer plans to stand by her man as she empathizes with the situation.

We’ll continue to keep you updated with any new details on this drama!

[Image via Instagram.]

Jun 7, 2017 12:59pm PST

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