Uber Fires 20 People Amid Their Internal Harassment Probe — Deets HERE!

uber fires 20 after investigation

There has been quite the overhaul at Uber.

On Tuesday, it was revealed that the ride sharing company has fired 20 people, and investigated at least 200 claims of discrimination and harassment, amid an internal probe about their workplace culture. Whoa.

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Uber’s chief human resources officer Liane Hornsey shared the news in a company-wide meeting this week. It’s said CEO Travis Kalanick was unable to attend the VVV meeting as he’s currently spending time with his family following the untimely loss of his mother. Fair enough.

While Uber has yet to name those who have been let go, they did reveal to Buzzfeed News that 215 claims were investigated — with many of the allegations relating to issues of discrimination, sexual harassment, bullying, harassment, etc. Now, some complaints were made by employees across the globe, but many of the complaints came from staffers at the company’s headquarters in San Francisco. Holy smokes!

And it appears as though the 20 firees aren’t the only guilty ones as 31 staff members are now in counseling and training. Seven others have also been issued written warnings. But we doubt this is the last we’ll hear about firings at Uber as 57 cases still remain open. Well, damn.

In an attempt at being transparent, the Uber communications department’s Twitter account shared the following on the scandal:

Still, of the 200+ claims, the corporation has reportedly taken no action in 100 of the cases. According to a source, Uber found those specific claims to be unsubstantiated. Huh.

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One Uber employee notes that he and his peers were “not surprised about the number” of people let go. That probably has something to do with the fact that former engineer Susan Fowler Rigetti blew the whistle on Uber’s sexism problem back in February. In case you forgot, the company hired law firm Perkins Coie to look into Susan’s claims after they went viral.

Thankfully, Uber will continue to run its confidential hotline, so employees can privately report any concerns they may have. Oh, and Uber has also implemented a formal system so they can properly track staffers’ complaints. Good!

Hopefully these firings, along with the recent hire of Harvard Business School professor/leadership expert Frances Frei, means the company is ready to change for the better!

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Jun 7, 2017 9:02am PDT

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