Ariel Winter Offers Up A Seething Response To Her Mother’s Recent Shade! Look!

ariel winter puts mom on blast

Ariel Winter has NO time for her mother’s B.S.

As we previously reported, the Modern Family star’s estranged mother, Chrystal Workman, threw some shade on Wednesday as she revealed in an interview that she thought her daughter should “grow up” and “dress properly.” This unwarranted advice from Workman obviously set off the 19-year-old as she took to Twitter to pen a savage clap back.

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In case you forgot, Miz Winter gained emancipation from Chrystal back in May 2015 after accusing the woman of physical and emotional abuse. So, clearly, things are still tense between the two.

Anywho, Ariel noted online:

Snap! Snap! Now, the industry vet didn’t call out Chrystal by name, but this message came not long after Workman criticized Winter’s clothing choices. What makes this situation particularly awkward is, in the past, Ariel accused Chrystal of trying to “sexualize” her.

Workman has denied all of the allegations that have come her way. Nonetheless, it’s safe to say that Ariel and Chrystal won’t be making up any time soon…

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Jun 8, 2017 8:07am PDT

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