Making A Murderer Bombshell! Lawyer Says THIS PERSON Is The Real Killer!

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Making an innocent man.

On Wednesday, a lawyer for Steven Avery (above, left) requested a new trial in the case that was documented in Netflix‘s Making a Murderer.

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Attorney Kathleen Zellner claims Avery’s conviction was based on planted evidence and false testimony, and makes a stunning accusation about who really killed Teresa Halbach.

In her 1,272-page filing, Zellner claims it was Ryan Hillegas (above, right), the ex-boyfriend of the murder victim, who actually committed the deadly crime, and contends Avery deserves a new trial because “the real controversy was never tried.”

She wrote in the motion:

“Because the State did not need to establish motive, it did not spend any time trying to figure out why Ms. Halbach was murdered. Both Mr. Avery and Ms. Halbach are victims of a justice system whose success depends upon the integrity, competence and devotion of judges, law enforcement, prosecutors, and defense attorneys. Both Ms. Halbach and Mr. Avery have yet to receive justice.”

Zellner suggests that Manitowoc County sheriff’s deputies conspired with Hillegas to plant evidence — including Halbach’s vehicle — in Avery’s salvage yard.

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She also claims Avery’s lawyers lacked the expertise to prove that the evidence had been planted, which falls in line with Avery’s defense that he was framed by vengeful authorities.

Hillegas led the volunteer search for Halbach after she disappeared in November 2005, and has not been charged with a crime involving Halbach’s disappearance.

But Zellner argues “jealousy was the motive” of the killing, claiming Hillegas was still romantically interested in Halbach. The love was not reciprocated, the motion argues, and as Halbach moved on, Hillegas became increasingly jealous and eventually killed her.

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Following Zellner’s request, the Wisconsin Department of Justice released a statement saying it was confident Avery’s motion would be rejected, with prosecutors insisting there was no merit to a request for a new trial.

But that’s not discouraging Zellner, who is having key pieces of evidence independently retested.

Avery is serving life for the murder, but this new development may finally be the second chance many feel he deserves.

Do U think the case will reopen?

[Image via Netflix.]

Jun 8, 2017 4:36pm PDT

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